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Update: Twins who were face of controversial rare disease treatment have died
11 HRS AGO - Treatment for fatal Niemann-Pick type C no better than placebo
Parents’ emotional trauma may change their children’s biology. Studies in mice show how
14 HRS AGO - Suffering triggers changes in gene expression that last for generations
7 Essential Tips for Driving in the Rain
14 HRS AGO - Use these guidelines to help you drive more safely on rainy days.
Scientists discover how mosquito brains integrate diverse sensory cues to find a host
16 HRS AGO - A team has discovered how the female mosquito brain integrates visual and olfactory signals to Expand
Neuroscientists discover neuron type that acts as brain's metronome: By keeping the brain in sync, these long-hypothesized but never-found neurons help rodents to detect subtle sensations
16 HRS AGO - By measuring the fast electrical spikes of individual neurons in the touch region of the brain, Expand
One of New Zealand's rarest parakeets is having a banner breeding season
19 HRS AGO - Thanks to an abundance of beech seeds, so far this year 150 orange-fronted parakeet chicks have Expand
Elon Musk’s startup eyes human testing for brain-computer interface
1 DAY AGO - Neuralink shares early results from its ultrasmall electrode implants
Correcting historic sea surface temperature measurements: Research corrects decades of data and suggests that ocean warming occurred in a much more homogenous way
1 DAY AGO - Why did the oceans warm and cool at such different rates in the early 20th century? New research Expand
Trilayer graphene shows signs of superconductivity
1 DAY AGO - Triple sheets of carbon atoms may help solve the mystery of high-temperature superconductivity
Ohio lost a third of its butterflies in 21 years — and it probably isn't alone
12 HRS AGO - The decline of Ohio's butterflies likely reflects a broader crisis for a wide range of Expand
Could humanity’s return to the moon spark a new age of lunar telescopes?
14 HRS AGO - Nearly 50 years after NASA put a small telescope on the Moon, astronomers are dusting off plans Expand
Why mountain goats are flying to the Cascades
15 HRS AGO - Mountain goats in Olympic National Park are being relocated by helicopter to the Cascade Mountains.
How mammals' brains evolved to distinguish odors is nothing to sniff at: Study finds that the relationship of 'distributed circuit' components scales across species
16 HRS AGO - Neuroscientists have discovered that at least six types of mammals -- from mice to cats -- Expand
10 things you should know about Ebola
17 HRS AGO - A primer on the deadly virus that's taking root in Congo and scaring people around the globe.
World Health Organization declares Ebola outbreak an international emergency
1 DAY AGO - Concern about spread in and from the Democratic Republic of the Congo propelled response
Floating dairy farm debuts in the Netherlands
1 DAY AGO - The Port of Rotterdam is home to the first urban agriculture operation that yields fresh milk, Expand
Devastating banana disease may have reached Latin America, could drive up global prices
1 DAY AGO - Scientists are working to confirm the presence of a fungus that has wreaked havoc in Asia
Gorillas have developed humanlike social structure, controversial study suggests
1 DAY AGO - Finding challenges when complex hierarchies arose in great apes
Low doses of radiation promote cancer-capable cells: New research in mice helps to understand the risks around exposure to low doses of radiation, such as CT scans and X-rays
13 HRS AGO - New research finds that low doses of radiation equivalent to three CT scans, which are considered Expand
Laser holograms stimulate brain cells in mice to probe roots of perception and hallucination
14 HRS AGO - Triggering a handful of neurons may be enough to conjure a visual experience
Watch a lightweight glove allow users to ‘feel’ objects in virtual reality
16 HRS AGO - Technology could be used in games and virtual training simulations
Bees back on track after vandals hit hives
18 HRS AGO - Donations poured in to help save Wild Hill Honey in Iowa, which lost 50 beehives when teen vandals Expand
Celebrity pets: Furry friends of the rich and famous
1 DAY AGO - Even celebrities need a non-human best friend. Here are a few glimpses of pets with their famous Expand
These Australian ants are bucking the 'insect apocalypse' trend
1 DAY AGO - Australia's desert ants are thriving in the face of climate change.
Legionnaires' disease: What you need to know
1 DAY AGO - Legionnaires' disease is a sometimes-deadly pneumonia found in building water systems.
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