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Statistically speaking, 2019 Nobel Prize lineup of 11 men and one woman was bound to happen
11 HRS AGO - Analysis finds gender ratios due to bias against women, not underrepresentation in fields
How safe is cured, smoked or salted fish?
16 HRS AGO - We've read about the harmful health effects of eating processed meats. But what about their Expand
Prestigious journal pulls paper about chemical attack in Syria after backlash
20 HRS AGO - Science and Global Security editors decide not to publish study that cast doubt on Syrian Expand
40 horses saved from California ranch fire
1 DAY AGO - Community works together to rescue dozens of horses from California wildfire.
Woman reunited with dog lost 12 years ago
1 DAY AGO - A dog lost in Florida is found a dozen years later in Pennsylvania, and her owner and everyone Expand
Economics Nobel honors trio taking an experimental approach to fighting poverty
1 DAY AGO - Researchers revolutionized global development work with randomized controlled trials
Underwater volcano belched explosive bubbles larger than a stadium
1 DAY AGO - Secrets of Bogoslof’s long 2017 eruption teased out through low-frequency sound
Economics Nobel awarded for research to reduce global poverty
1 DAY AGO - Researchers brought randomized trials to global development work
This is why you always have room for dessert
9 HRS AGO - You may think you're stuffed, but sugar has a way of making more space in your stomach, Expand
8 hobbies to help you relax
12 HRS AGO - The benefits of hobbies and how to choose an activity that can help take your mind off work and Expand
Tap-dancing for topology? Ph.D.s, it’s time again to dance your thesis in Science’s annual contest
16 HRS AGO - Entries for the 12th annual “Dance Your Ph.D.” contest are due in January
Black holes stunt growth of dwarf galaxies: Astronomers find large-scale winds associated with active black holes in small galaxies suppress star formation
1 DAY AGO - Astronomers have discovered that powerful winds driven by supermassive black holes in the centers Expand
Prestigious journal rejects paper about chemical attack in Syria after backlash
1 DAY AGO - Science and Global Security editors decide not to publish study that cast doubt on Syrian Expand
Why later school start times are a smart idea
1 DAY AGO - Research suggests letting kids get more sleep can lead to healthier teens, better test scores and Expand
New wrinkle on origami turns designing folding structures into child’s play
1 DAY AGO - Puzzle approach provides new way of designing folding robots and other devices
There may be a very good reason why we enter a 'food coma' after dinner
3 DAYS AGO - Sea slugs could tell us a lot about why we fall into a food coma.
For species that mate for life, love matters
11 HRS AGO - Some male birds keep their mates interested using fancy displays of affection.
Why you and your dog should steer clear of blue-green algae
16 HRS AGO - Blue-green algae in lakes can be fatal to dogs that ingest it while playing in the water.
3000-year-old toolkit suggests skilled warriors crossed Europe to fight an epic battle
17 HRS AGO - Rare bag of metal scraps bolsters idea of sophisticated warfare in Bronze Age Germany
How mucus tames microbes: Specialized sugar molecules called glycans can disarm opportunistic pathogens and prevent infection
1 DAY AGO - New research reveals that glycans -- branched sugar molecules found in mucus -- can prevent Expand
How one nonprofit is silencing 'lunch shamers'
1 DAY AGO - Many schools take hot lunches away from kids who have a negative balance in their lunch accounts.
California says 'no' to animal fur
1 DAY AGO - After several citywide bans, the state of California bans new fur products.
A bike is like 'a rolling walking stick'
1 DAY AGO - Do older people need parking, or do they need a safe place to ride bikes and scooters?
Does small talk or deep conversation make you happier?
1 DAY AGO - A new study explores how social interactions affect our well-being.
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